How can we contribute from the systemic learning to the big challenges of a world in transformation?

How does our work get transformed in this context of profound and vertiginous change?

How can we become instruments of transformation ourselves?



 If you feel moved by these questions, we invite you to the 7th edition of IOCTI (INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONAL CONSTELLATIONS TRAINING INTENSIVE), where you will learn about and put in practice the most innovative SYSTEMIC METHODOLOGIES for personal, organizational and social TRANSFORMATION.

We propose you to frame this training in a COLLECTIVE LEARNING LAB, where you will research, exchange and cocreate with experts, masters and colleagues from all over the world.

Besides acquiring knowledge and activating capacities, you will grow personally and professionally as an INSTRUMENT of TRANSFORMATION in the contexts you work with, either organizational, business related, institutional, communitary, cultural, social or environmental.

We specially encourage you to be part of a TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE of vital and profound learning, in an easy going, intimate and friendly athmosphere, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Looking forward to share with you the 7th IOCTI!


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